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Great that you’ve applied to study Communication! Is Communication really a good match for you? Even after applying, you can check your match by participating in matching activities. Become a student for a day or chat with someone from the program.


You’ve applied for Communication at HAN, but perhaps you still have questions or doubts. You’re looking for extra confirmation that this program really is a good fit for you. Or you’ve applied for multiple programs and still have to make your final decision. The matching activities for Communication will help with that. 

Matching is not mandatory. You can choose to participate in whichever activities you like.  It’s a good way of checking whether you’ve made the right choice. To ask your final questions and see whether your expectations are correct. Because when you start the program, we want you to feel you’re in the right place.

Step 1: My Match questionnaire

After applying in Studielink, you’ll get access to an online questionnaire. You’ll get an email about it. By answering a few questions, you’ll reflect once again on your reasons for choosing this program.

Step 2: matching activities

After the intake, choose 1 or more matching activities, e.g. a matching interview or a Student for a Day event. During a matching interview you can ask for matching advice. That’s advice from the program about whether they think the program is a good match for you.

Matching options

Student for a Day

Discover what it’s like to study Communication by becoming a student for a day! Together with other applicants, you get a tour of the building and follow sample lectures. The application form shows you when you can be a Student for a Day at Communication and what to expect on the day. Soon you’ll be able to apply for the Student for a Day event here.


Matching interview

Want to get all the details? To discuss your personal situation with someone from the program? You can do that during a matching interview. We can also give you matching advice during that interview. Soon you’ll be able to apply for a matching interview here.

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Matching day

More info will follow here about the matching day at Communication.

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Do you have a disability or a temporary illness? Or are you an entrepreneur, informal caregiver or elite athlete? It would be handy if you could already let us know about that. Then we can look at which resources, accommodations or support are possible in your situation. Even if you don’t need help when you start your studies, it’s smart to already let us know. Then we can organize things quicker if help is needed later. 

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University of Applied Sciences SKILLS


Studying at a UAS might be a bit different than what you’re used to. A number of skills will come in handy, such as reading and summarizing long texts, quickly finding information, giving presentations and planning well. Relax, you can learn these skills too! You’ll probably pick them up naturally, and otherwise you can follow courses or workshops. 

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Have you made the final decision?  Are you sure you want to start the English-taught Communication program?  Yes!  If you’ve met all the requirements, you can complete your enrollment. Read what you have to do next.

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Do you have any questions about the matching activities for Communication? First check the FAQ (in Dutch). You might find the answer to your question there. No? Contact ASK HAN.
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