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d6049ad0-8f6c-11ee-8b8d-c97077a39680 Afbeelding van de online Pedagogame vanuit onderzoek ontwikkeld

With the online version of the Educational Values Priority Game, teachers (in training) conduct a pedagogical dialogue with fellow students at home and abroad. In this way, they come into contact with an international range of pedagogical values and ideals and the motivations behind them in an acces

www.pedagogame.com is the web version of the traditional Educational Values Priority Game. It replaces the paper card sets and can be played from (mobile) devices. This makes it possible to play the game in your own classroom using mobile phones and laptops, but also makes it possible - in combination with, for example, a Teams meeting - to let players play the game from their own location with fellow players and teachers from other (high) schools abroad.

The digital game is broadly the same as the well-known Educational Values Priority Game with cards: players rank the statements from most important to least important, then see each other's ranking and have a conversation about it. What is different is that the online game keeps track of the players' scores, makes them visible at the end via a spider web and sends this information to the player by email. The game chooses the partner you play with (no free choice) and all six sets must be played for a final score. The latter means that the online game requires a little more time and is less easy to 'cut off'. Working in Microsoft Teams or Google Meet - with groups that are not present in one room - requires a little more preparation and interim action from the game leader, but it also 'runs naturally' after a round or two.