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In this webinar, we will discuss the competencies that need to be developed to successfully apply Industry 4.0 concepts within different organizations. Specifically, we will look at the role that gamification and the use of the Industry 4.0 Board Game can play in this process.

We will start the webinar with an explanation of the most important Industry 4.0 terminology. Afterwards, we dive into the challenges we face while implementing these technologies. We will look at the required technology readiness of an organization and whether it is ready to implement new technologies. Finally, we will discuss the use of gamification, especially the 'Industry 4.0 Board Game' to develop competencies for implementing Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 Board Game

This game was developed to support companies, universities and research institutes to support introduction of I4.0 concepts in their organizations. It was developed in the Brazilian-German Collaborative Research Initiative on Smart Connected Manufacturing program (2017-2021). Over the past years, the game was hosted in professional training and educational settings in Brazil, Germany and The Netherlands, with over 300 participants and 20 applications. The games has been hosted in universities and research institutes such as TU Berlin and Fraunhofer IPK in Germany and Twente University in The Netherlands. Many companies have taken part in the game, including AB Inbev, Nestlé, Saint-Gobain, Messer, Beiersdorf/Nivea, Volkswagen, among others.

The gaming material is freely available under creative commons license. Currently HAN Lean QRM Centrum is investigating whether translation of the gaming material in Dutch is an option. More information on the research is available via researchgate


Participants of the webinar will learn about essential Industry 4.0 technologies, the competencies needed for implementing these technologies and the use of gamification to develop these competencies. They will also be able to decide whether the 'Industry 4.0 Board Game' is of interest to their organizations and whether it is interesting to participate in the workshop to experience the game. 

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The InstructorEsdras Paravizo

Esdras Paravizo was part of the original project, being the lead designer of the board game. He was responsible for summarizing the technical and theoretical concepts and creating the game mechanics and materials. He also hosted the Industry 4.0 workshops in Brazil, Germany and The Netherlands. Currently, he is a doctoral research student at the Engineering Design Centre at the  Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge in the UK. His research focusses on engineering design, creativity and technology, looking at how novel technologies and computer games can be employed to foster engineering design creativity in educational and practical settings.


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