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Look out for one another

Radboud University has received signals that in the past weeks 3 women have been harassed on their campus, each time by an unknown young man.

HAN Newsroom
11 April 2023
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Global Glass House

Pilot 'living together' in an international student house

What's it like to live in an international student house? What kind of conversations would evolve? What kind of meals would students eat together? The Global Glass House gives Dutch and international students the opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to live together in an upcoming pilot.

HAN Newsroom
11 April 2023
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Check travel planners and leave on time

Possible public transport strikes on 3, 5 and 7 April

HAN Newsroom
03 April 2023
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ISB Students Publish their Research

Ask a student what their favorite class is, and not many will say research. Navigating the ins and outs, from defining a problem to finding a solution, takes some practice and can be a big challenge, even for professionals. But once the process is clear, diving headfirst into a topic that becomes more and more intriguing the more you learn about it can be deeply satisfying and fulfilling, something any Ph.D. can confirm.

HAN Newsroom
22 March 2023
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From students for students

Free on-campus tutoring for International School of Business students!

Since April 2022, the International School of Business (ISB) offers tutoring for students by student assistants on the HAN campus in Arnhem. The aim is to support you, the student, more and better in addition to your standard lectures.

HAN Newsroom
20 March 2023
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Simulating the world for 2030

An intercultural collaboration towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

We live in a time where the global community is confronted with different societal, environmental and economical issues. To fight the global issues of humanity, we need to change the way we think and work. Intercultural collaboration has proven itself crucial to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. This concept has been explored through a masterclass from the Master Circular Economy during the Week of Circular Economy 2023.

HAN Newsroom
03 March 2023
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FoodX Visit ISB

For February 16th's Study Day, the International School of Business visited FoodX in Ede. In case you weren't there, here's what you missed.

HAN Newsroom
27 February 2023
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Strikes in regional public transport 28 Feb-7 Apr

As of Tuesday 28 February, there will be more strikes in regional public transport, affecting both bus and train timetables.

HAN Newsroom
27 February 2023
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Week of Circular Economy

Week of Circular Economy

The Week of Circular Economy set an example for how everyone is a change agent in the transition to a more sustainable future. Check out this outline of the activities of the week

HAN Newsroom
17 February 2023
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