Arnhem campus

The HAN campus in Arnhem has all the facilities you need. Libraries, canteens, pubs, sports facilities and places to relax with fellow students. Also, an excellent WIFI connection, a handy online learning environment and Insite, HAN’s intranet for staff and students.

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A place to focus and relaxThe HAN campus in Arnhem

The HAN campus in Arnhem has everything you need to make the most out of your study. Libraries. Private study rooms. But the campus is more than just a place to study. 

Sip a cup of coffee in the Hangar and chitchat with your friends. Regain your focus with a meditation session in the Silentium. Need some fresh air? Go out for a walk in the tranquil Presikhaaf park. Or pet a goat and watch bunnies at the nearby petting farm. 

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How to get to the campus? Campus map

The Arnhem campus is located on the Ruitenberglaan in Arnhem north. It’s very accessible by train: NS Station Presikhaaf is just a short walk away. From this station you can reach the center of Arnhem in just a few minutes. You can also go to campus by bike (the Dutch way!) or by car.

Click here to see a map of the area around the Arnhem campus (including parking spots).

What's it like to study at the Arnhem campus?Campus tour by Ricarda

A quick guide to our campus

Where to drink coffee?

Looking for a cozy place to sit down and chat? Then the Hangar is the place to be. Get yourself a cup of coffee. And a snack, if you feel like it! The Hangar is located in Ruitenberglaan 31.

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Where to eat?

Each building has its own canteen, where you can get drinks and snacks. The larger canteens also offer warm meals. There are several cafes, where you can wind down with fellow students after a day of studying. Are you vegan? Do you have allergies? No worries, there are options available for everyone.

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Where to hang out?

Music nights. Pub quizzes. Soccer matches. Or just simply have a drink with friends. You can do all of this in Lokaal 99, located right in the middle of the campus. It's the perfect place to hang out after a day full of studying with a refreshing glass of beer (or to have a 'borrel', as the Dutch would say).

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Where to study?

HAN has 2 multimedia centers on the Arnhem campus. They offer nice, quiet places to study on your own. You can work on an assignment or presentation or edit movies using a virtual cutting machine. Want to work as a group? No problem. The multimedia centers also have a great collection of books, journals, graduation papers, and much more.

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Where to buy office supplies?

Need to buy new stationary supplies? Looking for a cute postcard to send home? Want to buy a HAN varsity jacket or t-shirt? You can do all of this at our campus shop. The campus shop sells various items, including office supplies, workbooks and readers, sweets, greeting cards and personal hygiene products, e.g. deodorant.

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Where to clear your mind?

Take a moment to clear your mind at the Silentium. That's the meditation room at Ruitenberglaan 31. Practice some mindfulness, meditation or yoga on your own, for example. Or follow a course or workshop.

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Have fun, stay fitSport

Want to keep fit during your studies? Play your favorite sport or even try a new sport? There are lots of student sports clubs in Arnhem. Many of them offer very affordable prices and students from HAN often get a discount. The sports facilities are often close by, so you can be even healthier and do as the Dutch - ride there on your bike!

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Campus facilities

Multimedia Centers

The Arnhem campus has 2 multimedia centers, at Ruitenberglaan 31 and 27. They have a great collection of books, journals, graduation papers, DVDs, and much more. Our expert staff can help with your search queries.

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Online learning

Part of your study will take place online. With your HANaccount you can log in to your mailbox. Use the OnderwijsOnline virtual learning environment to exchange information with lecturers and classmates and hand in assignments.

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HAN’s wireless networks allow you to work on your laptop anywhere on campus. Most HAN buildings have 2 wireless networks: "eduroam" for students and staff and "HANguest" for visitors.

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International Office

The International Office can help you with practical matters, like renewing your student visa, or organizing a semester abroad. At the Nijmegen campus they're located at Kapittelweg 33. Feel free to drop by with any questions.

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Student Support

Need a bit of extra help or guidance during your studies? Because of a disability or special circumstances, for example? We've got it covered. HAN offers extensive student support services, like coaching, workshops, counseling and more.

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Do you need to print or scan a document? Using printers at HAN is easy. There are printers available in all buildings and on all floors. Just bring your HAN card with you to print or scan a document. That's all!

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Meet new peopleSocial events

The international student body at HAN forms a close-knit community. New student? You’ll get a warm welcome into the community! This student body organizes lots of energetic, fun and creative social events. These are offered throughout the academic year.

You can also join the International Student Association (ISA). ISA organizes ski trips, visits to European cities and social events. For example, the Boat Gala at the end of each academic year.

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Living in Arnhem

Curious what it's like to live in Arnhem as an international student? Check out our page about Arnhem. Read more about the highlights of the city. And find out how HAN students experience living in Arnhem.

Programs located in Arnhem

Automotive Engineering

Mobility is changing. Towards a new kind of automobile. Cleaner. More efficient. More intelligent. Automotive engineers across the globe are developing these vehicles of the future. Want to join them? Choose Automotive Engineering at HAN and get the latest automotive expertise. And so much more.

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A communication degree at the International School of Business opens up a world of possibilities. After all, every company and every organization in the world has a message. Your challenge as a communication specialist? To get that message across so people will listen.

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Looking for a technical career aimed at the future? Become an electrical engineer. Work on the transition to sustainable energy. Or develop smart automated manufacturing or industrial processes. Electrical and Electronic Engineering at HAN gives you a solid start to a rewarding career.

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Embedded Systems Engineering

Are you excited about intelligent electronic devices? Explore the digital world and learn how to develop both hardware and software for smart systems. Digital electronics are everywhere and essential to our society. Help build the future and become an Embedded Systems Engineer!

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International business

Want to step into the fast-paced world of international business? To actually experience it while you are studying? Then come and study at the International School of Business. The place to be for an innovative and flexible business degree.


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is more than designing and constructing machines. It’s also about producing these machines using less material. Making them smart and energy efficient. And designing them to run on renewable energy. Take up the challenge with a bachelor of mechanical engineering at HAN.

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Circular Economy

The economy of the future no longer relies on maximizing profits. Instead, it is based on reproducing, recycling, and reusing. In this masters in circular economy, you help international companies transition to sustainable business practices.

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Engineering Systems

Ready to take your engineering skills to the next level? HAN’s Master in Engineering Systems gives you the know-how to develop the systems of the future. Systems that are crucial in a wide range of fields: automotive, sustainable energy, control and embedded systems.

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Online Open Day

Wondering what it's like to study as an international student at HAN? Do you have questions about Dutch culture, classes, student support? Join our Online Open Day. Our students will tell you everything you need to know. Ask them anything!  You can also sign up for the newsletter. We'll keep you posted on application deadlines, housing availability, visas. And much more.

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