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The program starts on1 September 2019

A communication degree at Arnhem Business School opens up a world of possibilities. After all, every company and every organization in the world has a message. Your challenge as a communication specialist? To get that message across so people will listen. Whether you work in marketing, public relations, branding, corporate communication or advertising. Your job is to make sure your client’s message is heard. In the most effective way possible.

Why study Communication at HAN?

Renowned business school

Arnhem Business School has decades of experience in educating professionals for the world of international business.

ABS Talent Event

Ambitious? Enter the exciting ABS Talent Event and present your group project to an international panel of professors.

Linked to professional field

A committee of communication professionals advises us on the program. This keeps it relevant and up-to-date.

Study abroad

In your 3rd year you study abroad for 1 semester at one of our 120 partner universities.

Small groups

Groups are kept small. Why? To give you lots of opportunities to interact during class.

What do you learn? Program

This Bachelor of Arts in Communication covers all aspects of this broad field. You learn the latest theories on branding, public relations and marketing. You also study a foreign language. And practical experience? From the very start of this degree you work on group projects for actual clients. What's more, 1 whole year of your studies is devoted to getting international work experience.

What can you do with a communication degree? Careers

With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, you’re a qualified communication specialist. You know how to communicate effectively with different target groups. From customers and shareholders, to government agencies and the community. Where you’ll work? An advertising agency, publishing house or PR firm, for instance. Or at the marketing or communication department of a larger organization.

Students as partners Dutch way of learning

The atmosphere in a Dutch classroom is quite informal and your lecturers are easy to talk to. In fact, at HAN you’re seen as a partner in the learning process. Class sizes are small and your lecturers encourage you to actively participate in class. To ask questions and give your own opinion. They also stimulate you to be creative and to discover things for yourself.

Ask a student HAN Communication | Contact with the teachers

Communication in numbers

    25Contact hoursaverage per week
    15Study hoursaverage per week
    67%Graduatedwithin 5 years
    95%Employedwithin 1 year

Student experience Nicole Prinzen, 3rd-year student from Germany

“I recognized that the Netherlands really is/feels like one of the safest and happiest countries in the world. And not just statistically! That’s why I love studying here! HAN and the Dutch people in general make international students feel welcome right away.”

Arnhem Business School

Arnhem Business School is a renowned business school in the Netherlands. We work closely with our partners from other universities and the international business community. Our aim? To give you a high-quality and engaging business education. To inspire you to learn and grow. Both during your studies and beyond. So, no matter what the future holds, you will succeed in any business setting.

Why study in Holland?

Holland has a large population of international students so you won’t feel alone. In fact, 1 in 10 students is an international student. At Arnhem Business School it’s even 1 in 2 students. Why do so many international students come here? Because Holland has excellent, affordable higher education. It also has a thriving economy (18th in the world) so there are plenty of job opportunities. What’s more, the Dutch are open-minded and almost everyone speaks English.

Discover the city of Arnhem

Arnhem is the green and bustling capital of the province of Gelderland. With a population of around 160,000, the city has plenty to offer. Whether you’re into fashion or history, museums or pubs, concerts or nightclubs. And with its lovely green surroundings, you can also enjoy nature at its best.

The location

  • HAN Arnhem campus

    Ruitenberglaan 31
    6826 CC Arnhem

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Want to discover whether HAN is the right place for you? Come and meet us at a HAN Open Day or at an education fair. Not possible? Let’s discuss your options during a Skype meeting.

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