Student services

As a HAN student, you have access to a range of support and services. Like special provisions if you have a disability. A study coach to discuss your academic progress. Or a training course in personal development. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your studies.

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Coaching and counseling

At HAN you have various coaches and counselors you can turn to with questions: study coach, senior coach, student counselor or student psychologist.

Studying with special circumstances

Do you need extra support because of special circumstances? You might be dealing with a chronic disability or illness. Or you're combining your studies with another time-consuming activity, such as a professional sport or a business. No problem! We help you make the most out of your studies.

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Student Support Center Study skills and personal development

The Student Support Center provides training, workshops and coaching for all students at HAN. Our courses focus on the development of skills, both within and beyond your field of study. Like knowledge of a foreign language. Or building up your social network. These skills contribute to both academic success and personal well-being. Take responsibility for your own development and sign up for a course today!  

What training and coaching opportunities do we offer?  
Once you have a HAN-account, you can get an overview of all the courses at the  Student Support Center learning portal.  What about a course in Social Dutch? See the details below.

Do you have a general question about the Student Support Center? Or our courses? Or do you have a question about a  particular course, workshop or other educational activity? Please feel free to contact us at

Free course for HAN students!Social Dutch

The Dutch are very international and almost everyone speaks English. But wouldn’t it be nice to know the basics of this unique language and culture? So that you can order a drink in a bar, for example. Ask a question at the supermarket. Or get directions at a train station. You'll learn how to do this in 8 fun sessions of 2 hours. Join this free course and start socializing in Dutch! 

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International Office

The HAN International Office is an important point of contact for international students. They can help you with all kinds of practical matters related to living and studying in the Netherlands. And with arrangements for studying abroad.


7 reasons to study at HAN

Good student support is just one of the 7 reasons to study at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Curious about the other reasons?

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