Careers in Lean Engineering

Technological developments are important for improving products. And manufacturing processes. These developments impact various functions within a company. Directly or indirectly. That’s why there’s a great need for broadly skilled engineers in the manufacturing industry.


There are loads of jobs for Lean engineers in the manufacturing industry. What’s more, HAN has a broad network of partners in this industry. You’ll be qualified for these positions:

  • R&D Manager

    The Research and Development manager uses his state of the art technological knowledge and expertise to provide input to the strategy creation of the company, translates the strategy into a portfolio of product development projects and ensures execution of this project portfolio. The R&D manager ensures that technologies, competences, development processes and ways of working are continuously improved, so the organizations remains agile, effective, efficient and fit for the future.
  • Integral Project Manager

    The integral project manager manages the projects assigned to him from start to finish in a lean way. He assesses the feasibility of projects by evaluating business and market requirements versus the current state of technology, identifies risks and creates mitigation plans, challenges designers and at the same time prevents derailing into fancy but unrealistic technological journeys, arranges the required resources, creates a project plan together with his team, monitors progress and keeps the stakeholders up to date.
  • Senior Product Designer

    The senior product designer uses his extensive and up to date technological knowledge to design new products of value to the customer, meeting all requirements and ensures his designs can be manufactured in a reproducible way with high quality for a cost competitive price. The senior product designer stays up to date with technological developments, identifies new opportunities and shares his ideas to the benefit of the company.
  • Industrial Engineer

    The industrial engineer works side by side with the development engineers to introduce new products into the market by ensuring the manufacturability of new product designs and implementing the manufacturing process required for the new product . Secondly he optimizes existing manufacturing processes by implementing new technologies (e.g. digitalization, automation and robotization) and by balancing and streamlining processes and elimination of waste.

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