The Control Systems program was devised together with our industry partners. During the program you also conduct applied research focusing on their needs. That way you can be sure you have the right knowledge and skills for the job market.

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Control Systems in a nutshell

Control Systems is a track within the Master in Engineering Systems. In the 1st semester, you begin with  the following compulsory modules:

  • Systems Modelling  
  • Applied Control

In the 2nd semester you choose 2 track-specific modules from:

  • Big Data and Small Data  
  • Advanced Controller Design  
  • Distributed Systems

The final part of the program is your major project. Here you do research on a control systems issue.   

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Systems modelling and applied control

Semester 1 gives you the fundamentals of systems modelling and applied control. Knowledge is immediately applied during labs and real-life projects for industry. Also important: you brush up on your communication and research skills.


In Systems Modelling you learn how to model systems using the white-box model. Applied Control is about analyzing systems and applying suitable control strategies.

Academic calendar

The academic year runs from September to August. In that time you have 42 weeks of education. The rest of the time you have holidays.

Modules and lecture days

Here you can find a weekly schedule of all the modules for the Master Engineering Systems in semester 1 and 2. This includes the modules for the Control Systems track.

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Track-specific modules

In the 2nd semester you start to specialize in control systems. Choose 2 of 3 track-specific modules: Big Data & Small Data, Advanced Controller Design and Distributed Systems.


Big Data & Small Data is all about data analytics. Making models of complex and non-linear systems using black-box modelling. Advanced Controller Design is where you learn to create a controller. An advanced controller, because it can deal with varying conditions. Distributed Systems gives you the underlying principles of distributed embedded systems.

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Investigating a control systems issue

Your 3rd and final semester is devoted to your graduation project. That’s where you investigate a real-life issue related to control systems. Where? At a company or research institute.

Graduation project

The graduation project is a final test of your ability to manage a project. And where you demonstrate your skills in communicating, reporting and presenting. You get the support of a HAN staff member and a supervisor from the company or institute. 

Master of Science

You’ve reached the finish line. You now have a Master of Science in Engineering Systems. Congratulations! Where are you going to put your skills to work? 

Master of Science

A good match?

Want to discover whether Control Systems is a good match for you? Whether it fits with your previous education and experience? Visit us at an upcoming Open Day or Open Evening and find out. Or arrange a Skype meeting with a staff member.

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