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Practical info

You want to be well prepared before you start your communication degree. Find out about housing, visas and permits, insurances, public transport and more. Also get info on textbooks and download important documents like the degree statute and enrollment regulations.

Global goals en internationale boeken

Before you arrive in the Netherlands

Before you arrive in the Netherlands, you need to arrange some practical matters. You need to organize your accommodation, for example. And, depending on your nationality, you might need to arrange a visa.  


When you study Communication at HAN, you need a suitable place to live. A place within easy distance of the campus. A place you can call home. The HAN Housing Office helps international students like you find a room. Are you from outside the EU/EEA? You get priority: a guaranteed room. From the EU/EEA? You can go on the waiting list.  

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Visa info

To study in the Netherlands, you need the right visas and permits. Are you from the EU/EEA? Then you don’t need any visas or permits. You just need to register at city hall. Are you from a country outside the EU/EEA? Then you need a residence permit. You might also need an entry visa.

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Students share their experiences

A great decision

“The way the communications program was set up, was exactly what I wanted.” Read more...

Preparation for future market

“The curriculum of HAN is constantly changing to the needs of the market, so they put more emphasis on digital marketing and branding for example.” Read more...

Reach all my goals

"HAN taught me that everything is possible and that I can reach all my goals in my own way". Read more...

Unique and dynamic environment

“It’s is very unique and dynamic environment. I also like that I can just walk to the lecturer’s area to have a chat with them”. Read more...

Once you arrive in the Netherlands

Once you arrive in the Netherlands, you need to know about some other practical issues. For example, about working, insurance, public transport and the government.

  • Insurance

    When coming to the Netherlands to study, you need to have good insurance. Health insurance is the most important. Are you from the EU/EEA? Your health insurance policy in your home country might cover you. Non-EU/EEA students receive health insurance through the financial guarantee. Other useful insurances are liability insurance, repatriation insurance and household contents insurance.

  • Working

    The rules on working depend on your nationality. Are you from the EU/EEA? Then you are free to work in the Netherlands. Are you from outside the EU/EEA? Then you are free to do self-employed work. If you work for an employer, you need a work permit and the hours are restricted. All international students working in the Netherlands must have Dutch public health insurance.

  • Public transport

    The Netherlands has excellent public transport. In the Nijmegen and Arnhem area you can get almost everywhere by train or bus. In the bigger cities, you can also use the tram or metro. To pay for these services you use an OV chip card (OV-chipkaart in Dutch).

  • Government

    When living in the Netherlands, you need a citizen service number (BSN). This number is important for all your dealings with the government. For example, to open a bank account or to visit a doctor. You get a BSN number after registering at city hall.

Timetables, Lecture times and Calendar

Are you (almost) about to start your studies and are you curious about your timetable or class? If you have a HANaccount, you can find that info on Insite. That's the online environment for HAN students. Look under the heading Timetables, Lecture times and Calendar.

Order your textbooks online

Normally you could order your complete booklist online at Studystore, but this company will cease to exist. More info will be posted here when an alternative becomes available.

Studystore has suffered technical problems this academic year and has not been able to resolve them. Did you order your books at Studystore? Then your textbooks may be delivered later or they may not be delivered at all and you’ll get a refund. You can no longer place new orders. Do you have any questions about this? Contact Studystore customer service.

Student services and support

Study coaching

When you start studying at HAN you will be assigned a study coach. The study coach guides you during your studies, lends a listening ear and advises you if you fall behind. And if you need more specialized help, they can refer you to the right person. The senior coach, student counselor or psychologist, for example.

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Studying with Special Circumstances

Do you have a disability or other special circumstance that will affect your studies? HAN offers support and services to ensure your study environment fits your needs. For example, extra time on exams. Or alternatives to certain parts of the study program.

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International Office

As an international student, there are lots of practical matters you need to arrange. International Office knows about all these issues and can lend you a helping hand. Going abroad for a semester as part of your program? International Office can answer all your questions about this as well.

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Student Support Center

Do you want to work on your study skills? Or perhaps you want to improve your writing skills? Or do you need to see a counselor or psychologist about a personal matter? HAN Study Success provides counseling, training courses, workshops and coaching for all HAN students. The aim? To give you the tools to study successfully.

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Campus facilities

The HAN campuses have all the facilities you need: modern lecture halls, study and multimedia centers, sports facilities, canteens and cafes. Also important: a reliable wireless network (Eduroam). And you can easily reach the campuses by train, bus or bike.

Communication Bachelor campus facilities in the Netherlands - HAN University of Applied Sciences

The location

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  • HAN Arnhem campus

    Ruitenberglaan 31
    6826 CC Arnhem
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