School of Finance

The School of Finance trains students to become responsible financial professionals. With a well-developed ethical compass and a broad knowledge base. We challenge students to develop into confident professionals who embrace life-long learning.

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Home base for bachelor, master and associate degree programs 

Our students have chosen one of the bachelor, associate or master degrees the school has to offer. They do a full-time or part-time variant. 

These are the degree programs offered by the School of Finance: 

Dutch taught

  • Associate degree in Accountancy 
  • Bachelor in Accountancy
  • Bachelor in Finance & Control
  • Bachelor in Finance, Tax and Advice 
  • Master in Circular Economy


Want to continue studying? The school is home to a large number of postgraduate degrees, courses and training programs.  

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Home base for practice-based research 

We work together with the degree programs to tackle social issues. We conduct groundbreaking practice-based research in 3 research centers:

  • Financial Control
  • Financial Ethics
  • Sustainable Finance & Tax


School of Finance 

Willem Leijten, dean

Ramona Ruijters, secretarial office