Workshop Robotization for Lean Assembly

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This workshop will explore the link between robotics and high variety/ low volume assembly process. Afterwards, you will understand the theory of Lean Robotics.


Businesses are scaling up with robotic automatization to improve quality and productivity or to cope with the shortage in the labor market. Implementing robotic solutions is not an easy task and there are many boundary conditions to consider. Are you planning to implement a robotic solution? Or are you scaling up your robotic solutions? Do you face difficulties with applications in high-variety/low-volume production processes? We understand the challenges you are facing! To help you get closer to your desired goal, we will provide you with new insights into your production process through the theory of Lean Robotics.

During this workshop, we start with explaining the theory of Lean Robotics. Afterwards, we will move to the USAC. Where you can experiment with Robotics in the USAC, so you have hands-on experience on how operators can collaborate with Robotics in their daily business. You will become acquainted with different production layouts and conclude how robotic solutions can effectively contribute to the process.

What do you take home?

After this workshop, you will have a better understanding of how to integrate and adapt robots into high variety/low volume production processes. This can provide insights into the processes at your company and spark new ideas for increasing reaching your business goals. Furthermore, the theory of Lean Robotics will help you to combine the Lean practices that you are probably already using with smart technologies.

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Operations Manager, Operations Team Leader, Process Engineer, Quality Manager

U-Shaped Assembly Cell | Lean Robotization | Lean Assembly | Challenges in robotization

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