Course overview

Business Management Studies* is a full-time Bachelors course. It is taught entirely in English and takes four years to complete. Upon graduation you will receive a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).


The Bachelors course in Business Management Studies (Human Resources and Quality Management) will not be taking any new enrolments as of February 2014. Current students can continue their studies unhindered and earn their Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees.

Professionally-oriented course

Business Management Studies is a professionally-oriented course designed to prepare you for an international career in management. Upon graduating you will have a sound understanding of business and managerial skills.

International career prospects

You will be required to study in English as well as in a second language of your choice (Dutch, French, German or Spanish). This ensures that you graduate with a thorough knowledge of other cultures and languages, giving you a clear head start in the global career market.

Small groups and focus on practice

The lectures are held in small groups. This ensures a hands-on, personal approach to your education. Self-reliance and self-management are essential skills that you will be encouraged to develop. The internationally-oriented segments of the course are taught by international lecturers.

The work placements and study abroad are course components designed to equip you for the real world. The focus is on business relationships and the modern aspects of business management.

General course structure

Each year is divided into two semesters and each semester is divided into two periods. You will be assessed throughout the academic year and have exams at the end of each period. You will be taught five to six modules per semester and will be involved in interactive group projects aimed at developing your practical skills.

1st year General 1st year subjects and a specific project
2nd year Specialised subjects within general business background
3rd year Change management / work placement
4th year Strategic subjects or study abroad / Graduation assignment
Optional: 5th year Masters degree in related discipline

Academic Progress

Students can obtain a maximum of 60 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) per academic year. After the first year students must have gained 45 ECTS in order not to get a Binding Negative Study Advice (BNSA). A BNSA means that you cannot continue your studies in your Bachelor course anymore. This applies to September starters. 

For February starters a different norm applies. After 1,5 years, students must have gained 45 ECTS and must meet two extra requirements:
1) No grades below 3.0
2) Maximum two grades between 3.0 and 4.0

HAN is required to report to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) on the BNSA of the students holding a residence permit for study purposes. This has consequences for your residence permit. You can find more information on immigration regulations here.

Diploma Supplement

A candidate who is awarded a diploma on completion of the final assessment, will receive an English-language Diploma Supplement. The Diploma Supplement is set up in accordance with the format determined by HAN's Governing Board and with the additional regulations determined by the Board of Examiners and/or faculty management.

A Diploma Supplement includes the name and signature of the president of the Board of Examiners and an official HAN University of Applied Sciences stamp. The Board of Examiners ensures that a copy of the Diploma Supplement is filed and kept indefinitely.

* This course was previously known as Human Resources and Quality Management.