• Marian  Adriaansen
    Adriaansen, Marian
    Get to know Marian Adriaansen, professor of Innovation in Care. Marian gained her PhD on the topic of training for palliative care nurse and focuses on quality of life.
  • René  Bakker
    Bakker, René
    René Bakker is Professor of Networked Applications. He heads up the research into the design, use and administration of social media and smart web applications at organisations. One of the main focus areas of his research is blended learning.
  • Sivera  Berben
    Berben, Sivera
    Sivera Berben is associate professor of Acute Care at HAN and senior researcher at Acute Zorgregio Oost. She is passionate about conducting research on the chain of pre-hospital emergency care in collaboration with the professional field.
  • Martha van Biene
    Biene, Martha van
    Martha van Van Biene is professor of Local Service Provision from a Client Perspective. She conducts research into new infrastructures that focus on the relationships between housing, healthcare and welfare, work, education and quality of life in small communities.
  • Marije  Elferink-Gemser
    Elferink-Gemser, Marije
    Get to know Marije Elferink-Gemser, Professor of the Athletic Talent Identification and Development research group at HAN.
  • Petri  Embregts
    Embregts, Petri
    Petri Embregts is professor of Care of People with Intellectual Disabilities. She also holds two academic chairs at Tilburg University and is Director for Innovation and Research at Dichterbij, a care organisation for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Josephine  Engels
    Engels, Josephine
    Get to know Josephine Engels, professor of Occupation & Health, who conducts applied research in the areas of work and health, sustainable employability, and the work participation of people with a chronic diseases.
  • Gerda  Geerdink
    Geerdink, Gerda
    Get to know Associate Professor Gerda Geerdink. Her work concerns research into gender differences in education and research into teacher educators/education degree courses. This research always involves improving education, teaching methodology and/or professionalisation.
  • Aart-Jan de Graaf
    Graaf, Aart-Jan de
    Aart-Jan de Graaf PhD, is professor of Control Systems Engineering. He conducts research focused on optimization using control systems applied to the fields of sustainable electrical energy and automotive.
  • Marion van Hattum
    Hattum, Marion van
    What makes youth care effective and how does it contribute to the co-operation between clients and social workers? Meet Marion van Hattum, associate professor in Key Factors in Youth Care.
  • Yvonne  Heerkens
    Heerkens, Yvonne
    Yvonne Heerkens is a movement scientist part-time professor of Work and Health and leading professor of the Research Centre for Rehabilitation, Work and Sports. She conducts research on the sustainable employability of employees and the labour participation of people with chronic diseases.
  • Stijn  Hoppenbrouwers
    Hoppenbrouwers, Stijn
    Stijn Hoppenbrouwers is Professor of Model-Based Information Systems (M-BIS). He conducts research in which he draws links between how people think, communicate, act and cooperate (humanities and social sciences) and the rational and more formal world of the systems: engineering, technology (sciences).
  • Erik  Jansen
    Jansen, Erik
    Erik Jansen (MSc Psychology, PhD) is associate professor of Local Service Provision from a Client Perspective. His work consists of research and development in social work.
  • Ruud  Klarus
    Klarus, Ruud
    Ruud Klarus is professor of Vocational Education and Developing Competences in the Workplace. He has worked for CINOP and STOAS Research and holds governance positions in various vocational educational institutions .
  • Bauke  Koekkoek
    Koekkoek, Bauke
    Bauke Koekkoek is associate professor of Social Psychiatry and holds positions as advanced nurse practitioner and epidemiologist. He hopes that the efforts of his research group will result in better care for people with serious and long-term mental illnesses.
  • Marijke  Kral
    Kral, Marijke
    Gamification, bring your own device (BYOD): educational technology is flowing into the classroom. How does ICT contribute to personalized learning? Professor of Teaching and Learning with ICT Marijke Kral leads practice-based research projects and coordinates the research agenda with respect to quality of learning.
  • Annet de Lange
    Lange, Annet de
    Learn all about Annet de Lange, Professor of Human Resource Management. Her area of expertise is Human Resource Management in relation to sustainable work ability of ageing workers in the healthcare, education and business sectors.
  • Miranda  Laurant
    Laurant, Miranda
    Miranda Laurant is associate professor of Skill Mix Change and staff member of IQ Healthcare at Radboud UMC. Miranda studied nursing and health studies in Maastricht. She gained her PhD in 2007 on the effects of using physician assistants in doctor’s surgeries.
  • Dick  Lenior
    Lenior, Dick
    Dick Lenior is professor of Human-computer Interaction and head of HAN’s practice-based research on effective and efficient applications for ICT systems.
  • Christien  Lokman
    Lokman, Christien
    Christien Lokman is professor of Industrial Microbiology and is responsible for contract research at the HAN BioCentre and for the Masters course in Molecular Life Sciences.
  • Masi  Mohammadi
    Mohammadi, Masi
    Masi Mohammadi is professor of Architecture in Health at HAN’s Technology and Society Knowledge Centre. Together with a multidisciplinary research team, she studies smart architectonic and technological resources and methods that enable people to live independently and healthily for longer.
  • Joop  Pauwelussen
    Pauwelussen, Joop
    Joop Pauwelussen is professor of Mobility Technology at HAN University of Applied Sciences. He conducts research in vehicle innovations (advanced driver support, lightweight automotive design).
  • Huub  Pijnenburg
    Pijnenburg, Huub
    What makes youth care effective? Meet Huub Pijnenburg, professor of Key Factors in Youth Care and originally educated as a developmental psychologist. Together with his researchers, he investigates the influence that social workers, clients and their working alliance have on the effectiveness of youth care.
  • Rob van der Sande
    Sande, Rob van der
    In his position as professor, Rob van der Sande advocates improvements in the care for chronically ill patients and the elderly in the community.
  • Tamara van  Schilt-Mol
    Schilt-Mol, Tamara van
    Tamara van Schilt-Mol has been associate professor of Testing and Assessment since 2012. Her research group investigates how testing and assessment can help to improve the quality of education and the development of pupils.
  • Marian de van der  Schueren
    Schueren, Marian de van der
    Marian de van der Schueren holds the position of HAN Professor of Nutrition in Relation to Sport and Health. She also works as a senior researcher for the VU University Medical Center.
  • Jannes  Slomp
    Slomp, Jannes
    Jannes Slomp is professor of World Class Performance at the Research Group for Lean/WCP. The research that he conducts aims to develop knowledge that will help optimise service and production systems in the SME, healthcare and education sectors. Slomp strives for a balance between technical and social systems in organisations.
  • Piet  Sonneveld
    Sonneveld, Piet
    Piet Sonneveld is professor of Sustainable Energy. He leads practice-based research that aims to create innovations in the field of sustainable energy, such as solar and wind energy, water power, energy conservation and energy-neutral construction.
  • Esther  Steultjens
    Steultjens, Esther
    Esther Steultjens is an associate professor of Neurorehabilitation, and manages the development of new insights in the fields of occupational therapy and neuropsychology. She makes sure that know-how finds its way to the care professionals and thereby contributes to both high-quality healthcare and client wellbeing.
  • Bert de Swart
    Swart, Bert de
    Learn all about Bert de Swart, professor of Neurorehabilitation at HAN. He is also head of the Centre of Expertise for Quick and Optimal Recovery and works as a speech and language pathologist at Radboud UMC in Nijmegen.
  • Jan-Pieter  Teunisse
    Teunisse, Jan-Pieter
    Jan Pieter Teunisse is professor of Autism through the Lifespan. He conducts applied research on the organisation and content of lifelong support for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD, better known simply as autism).
  • Jürg  Thölke
    Thölke, Jürg
    Get to know Jürg Thölke, Professor of Innovation of Learning in Organisations at HAN University of Applied Sciences. He researches innovation processes of humans and organisations, at the point where leadership meets organisational development, to enhance people’s capacity for learning.
  • Bram   Veenhuizen
    Veenhuizen, Bram
    Bram Veenhuizen is professor of Vehicle Mechatronics at HAN University of Applied Sciences. His team works on innovations in cars such as the electrification of the powertrain to contribute to hybrid and electric cars on the roads.
  • Lisbeth  Verharen
    Verharen, Lisbeth
    Lisbeth Verharen, besides holding the position of associate professor of Acute Care at HAN, is also professor of Youth, Family & Society at Avans University of Applied Sciences.
  • Lilian  Vloet
    Vloet, Lilian
    Learn all about Lilian Vloet, professor of Acute Care at HAN. Her practice-based research helps bring about improvements in the healthcare sector.
  • Bregje de Vries
    Vries, Bregje de
    Learn all about Bregje de Vries, professor of Designing Innovative Learning Arrangements at HAN. She conducts research aimed at improving the design, implementation and evaluation of demand-driven learning arrangements in education.
  • Erik de Vries
    Vries, Erik de
    Erik de Vries, professor of Innovation in the Public Sector, has accumulated years of experience as a researcher, as a lecturer for Bachelors, Masters and Post-Masters courses and as a curriculum designer.
  • Stef  Weijers
    Weijers, Stef
    Stef Weijers, professor of Logistics and Alliances, helps both education and businesses in raising their levels of logistics, on the basis of applied research and support for improvement processes.
  • Vincent  Wiegel
    Wiegel, Vincent
    Vincent Wiegel is one of the leading experts in the field of Lean in the Netherlands, founder of and professor at the Research Group for Lean & World Class Performance.