Research at HAN University of Applied Sciences

Practice-based research at HAN University of Applied Sciences is multidisciplinary and relates to themes from the professional world. We share and develop knowledge in the professional field as well as extract knowledge from the professional field. This exchange acts as a catalyst for the development of our education. Below are the 10 most important research themes currently being studied at HAN.


HAN research projects focus on ‘smart cars’, which transport people and goods more safely, comfortably and efficiently, and the improvement of powertrains.

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Biodiscovery research at HAN focuses on the entire chain of biodiscovery: from screening, analysis and production to the application of bioactive substances.

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Entrepreneurial Behaviour

Knowledge developed by HAN researchers contributes to the education of professionals and business owners to create ventures that add value.

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Human Resource Management

Researchers from HAN collaborate with SMEs, multinationals and non-commercial organisations in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region to answer current HRM questions.

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Smart planning and organising – that is what logistics is about. HAN researchers are constantly in search of new and smart business solutions.

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Personalized Learning with Educational Technology

ICT is an important enabler of learning. This calls for ICT-rich learning arrangements and professional teachers; core themes of HAN’s research programme.

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Social Transition for Rural Areas

Through practice-based research, HAN researchers look for opportunities to increase the quality of life in rural areas, based on the needs of citizens.

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Sustainable Electrical Energy

HAN develops and shares knowledge about innovations in the field of electrical energy through its Sustainable Electrical Energy Centre of Expertise.

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Talent Development

HAN Researchers investigate the identification and development of talent at different ages, focusing on fostering motor and cognitive development.

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Qualities of Teachers

Teachers as designers, pedagogical thinkers, team players: the role of the teacher is changing. HAN researchers find out what it takes to be a good teacher.

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Quick and Optimal Recovery

Quick and Optimal Recovery fosters high-quality rehabilitation care by way of practice-based research and excellent education in collaboration with practitioners.

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